Regulating and expressing one’s emotions thoughtfully

and advocating for oneself and one's needs is important. Self-Management enables students to do this effectively. Sustaining healthy boundaries, demonstrating perseverance, and resilience to overcome obstacles

helps students of all ages navigate through their daily lives.

Applying self-management strategies reduces personal and interpersonal stress. Self-management teaches students  healthy way to shift one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to make decisions and reach goals that benefit oneself and others.

Student Development

  • Maintain a journal

  • Draw pictures about your strengths

  • Use a tracker to keep track of tasks and goals

  • Make lists to complete chores and schoolwork

  • Research strategies to support your weaknesses

  • Complete a self-reflection when you feel stressed

  • Make a chart to monitor your growth in schoolwork, behavior, and goals

  • Share your goals with someone else who supports you

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CCPS is dedicated to ensuring the social and emotional wellness of students, and their families under this unprecedented COVID-19 health pandemic. CCPS invites parents to read the information below and visit related links as we maneuver collaboratively through challenges and questions raised under the current COVID-19 conditions.